Strategy Canvas Tool


The Strategy Canvas allows you to effectively address competitors in the industry, discover new opportunities and design a unique value proposition for your startup.

What are the goals of this exercise?

  • Explore the competitive landscape to understand the strategic profile of the industry you are in

  • Determine key competing factors within the industry

  • Find new business opportunities and develop a unique value proposition

  • Help stakeholders understand your strategic focus

Who's it for?

  • Startups that are in the process of identifying a unique value proposition

  • Startups that are entering a mature market and want to find out how to differentiate themselves from the competition.

  • Corporates looking for new markets to enter

How does it work?

Following the steps in this template, you will discover which factors your key competitors are investing in and understand your industry's strategic profile from a customer's perspective. With these insights mapped out visually on a chart, you can easily define a unique value proposition for your business and plan how to create a unique offering for target customers in order to capture value on the market.

You will be guided through 4 key topics:

  • Strategic profile of the industry

  • Key factors of competition in the industry

  • Unique value proposition and differentiation on the market

  • Business strategy


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