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How to use this template

This template allows anyone to share information to help others understand more about them. From interests and things you would like to avoid, to accessibility needs and communication styles.

Great to create and share amongst teammates. Most useful at the start of a project or in a new role.

Just add images and sticky notes to personalize!

This template was co-created with my awesome 13-year-old Mayze Simmons who brought some great ideas and insights.


Helen Simmons image
Helen Simmons
Researcher / Innovation Consultant@Academia / Freelance
I'm a Senior University Researcher interested in sustainable social innovation. My practice-based research takes place in multidisciplinary settings built on values of inclusivity, accessibility and empowerment. I work freelance as an innovation consultant, designing and running workshops. Having worked for many years in the tech sector I'm not new to remote facilitation and collaboration, but I love that more people have come on board in recent years. When I'm not on Miro, I'm outdoors!

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