Discovery Workshop


What is the Discovery Workshop?

LEAP. is a product design, strategy, and innovation agency led by Rob Hamblen. A Design Thinking & Sprint Master and former Product Design Director of renowned agency AJ&Smart.

This Discovery Workshop is ideal for really getting to know a new client by understanding and outlining how the company dynamics work with employees, teams and products specifically if a company is going through change.

The workshop is designed to be transparent, informative and fun. By facilitating a greater exposure with the whole company, to what would be typically siloed or new teams is a great way to bring the company together for a single strategic vision.

This workshop is most effective when rounding up not only the key stakeholders, but also other key players within the company for the purpose of identifying problems, turning those problems into challenges, then prioritising and acting on potential solutions, but altogether.

This remote version of the workshop takes place over three separate 2.5 hours sessions, but we’ve wrapped it all into one agenda for you.

Objectives of a discovery workshop

During this workshop you’ll:

  • Identify problems

  • Reframe those problems as challenges

  • Brainstorm solutions

  • Decide what to execute on

  • Make solutions actionable

  • Define the action roadmap

  • Identify audiences

  • Improve workflows

When should you run this discovery workshop?

You should run this discovery workshop with new clients who are experiencing a significant growth and want to realign, or when key leadership has changed.

It’s can be used as a precursor for a Brand or Design Sprint or a Business Model or Roadmap workshop.

Agile Workflow, Product Management, Business Innovation, Strategy and planning

Who's it for?

  • Facilitators

  • Startups & Corporations from 5-50 people

  • CEOs, CTO’s, CPO’s or Product Managers to align teams on a single vision or strategy

  • Business Consultants

We have also connected with Butter and created an agenda for the Discovery Call. Everything is already set up for you!

Not sure how to run Discovery Workshop. Don't worry; we are here to help; reach out at

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LEAP. is a remote first Product Design and Innovation boutique agency based in Berlin. Founded by Rob Hamblen, ex Product Design Director from AJ&Smart (Design Sprint Master for top Fortune 500 companies) and ex Creative Director UX for IBM iX (Enterprise Design Thinking). LEAP's Miro templates provide you the same direct access to the remote tools and workshops.

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