Brand Pivoting Strategy Sprint


Brand Pivoting Strategy Sprint template offers a sprint-like framework that helps brand managers and their teams navigate crises swiftly. In a matter of a week, your team will be able to pinpoint the brand's challenges and find a viable solution that will re-align the brand with the ever-changing world.

How does a Sprint model work with branding?

The idea of a Sprint is to build and test a prototype in just five days. Even branding can be prototyped, especially during a time of crisis with an urge to pivot. During 5 consecutive days, your team will find the most pressing challenge, develop, prototype, and test the solution that can then be strategically put to work.

What is the goal of Brand Pivoting Strategy Sprint?

Its primary purpose is to re-connect and re-align your brand with the audience during unprecedented times. At times when values and needs shift, a quick and effective pivot is crucial. This framework helps you achieve just that.

What is the exact outcome of this framework?

  • A clearer understanding of your brand

  • Uncovered insights and understandings

  • A tested pivot solution that can be applied to the brand immediately

  • A comprehensive strategic action plan


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