The Wheel of Samsara


This template allows you to reflect the specifics of unstructured and poorly formalised activities, incl. using agile and iterative approaches (agile, iterative, RAD).

This approach was created through a series of coach-sessions during my working experience in one of the leading telecom-operator in Russia. It tends to be appropriate tool to work and achieve in a goal setting framework like OKR.

Globally, all activities are aimed at creating new business opportunities, which can be viewed from the point of view of karma. Each iteration is a weekly-based sprint aimed to actualise and develop through particular activities.

The Samsara Wheel is driven by rotation, reflecting an iterative/step-by-step approach of implementing new initiatives. With each spin, activity occurs at the level of internal (yellow cards) and / or external interactions (orange cards), which leads to the emergence of new artefacts or consequences (red cards)


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Mikhail Parfentev
Product owner@RTLabs
BA in economics, MPA 9+ years experience in project/product management (IT&telecom) Mentor (NRU HSE, MegaFon, Skolkovo)