User Journey Mapping

Your guide into journey maps

At Make it Clear we have spent many years helping our clients improve how they attract, engage and delight both new and existing customers. During this time we have defined our own approach to creating an outstanding user experience, including processes, principles and tools we use.

A commonly used method in our tool kit is journey mapping. A journey map is a visualisation of the route users take as they engage with a company, product, service or brand.

Why use journey maps?

Journey maps provide a clear picture of the end to end experience. Identifying touch-points, channels, activities, emotions, pain points and opportunities along a time-based journey from the user perspective.

How are journey maps used?

By mapping the journey you gain an understanding of your product or service from the user’s point of view. It allows you to identify opportunities to improve the overall experience and by joining up different areas of your business, it provides a holistic insight of a user’s end-to-end journey.

Start creating your journey map

Do you now want to create a journey map? We have outlined a six step process which will support you in shaping your own journey map. Our template walks you through all the steps needed to create a fit for purpose journey map that can add tangible value to your business. The templates cover:

  • Touchpoints

  • Actions

  • Goals

  • Challenges

  • Opportunities


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Luke Baker
UX agency marketer @Make it Clear
I am a marketer for London based UX agency, Make it Clear. Here at Make it Clear we’ve been helping industry-leading organisations such as Google, Orange, Cambridge University Press, the Design Museum and Thales improve how they interact with their audiences for over 20 years. My job is to create content that provides solutions for those looking to make tangible improvements to their user experience.

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