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Newly Added

Why this workshop? The "small world" is an exploration world where you have to find 3 activities to do. You can use it as an icebreaker or as the main story of asynchronous activities

How to run this workshop?

Here the story :

  • Today, you have 3 activities to achieve.

  • To get to these activities, you have to find in the "small world" 3 characters :

    • the wood fairy will bring you to the 1st activity (by clicking on her)

    • The snowman will bring you to the 2nd activity (by clicking on him)

    • The mermaid will bring you to the 3rd activity (by clicking on her)

  • For that, you have to :

    • choose a character

    • take a boat ...

    • ... and GO ON ADVENTURE !!!!

    • Don't hesitate to meet wild animals. They can help you to find characters.

    If the participant are lost, I can launch a lightning to the facilitator: ⚡️

Consultant at Digilityx and Workshop designer
Hey, I’m Jeremy Jodeau, Consultant (product management) at Digilityx, founder of and workshop designer at
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