PI Planning Agenda


Use this PI Planning Agenda template when you need to schedule a distributed 3-day SAFe PI Planning event across locations and multiple Agile Release Trains. Visualize your time zones and add your ART events across. Help your teams with transparency by letting them know when and where to attend. Leverage the Scaled Agile Framework to make your cadence Alignment and Synchronization event transparent.

  • Find your timezone or location, the times are aligned to GMT standards, and modify the timetables if necessary (i.e. Daylight savings)

  • Add the events scheduled to each of the ARTs in a specific color of your choice, consider lunchtime and breaks. Be careful with overlapping events for shared teams and shared members such as key stakeholders and business owners working across ARTs.

  • Make visible common events across Agile Release Trains or Solution Level events.

Evetything on how to run a PI planning event is here: https://www.scaledagileframework.com/pi-planning/

Release Train Engineers and SAFe Program Consultants might find this agenda useful for preparation for PI Planning.


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David Rodriguez Matthew
Senior Agile Coach@Humana
David R. Matthew is an SPC and RTE with more than 5+ years experience in SAFe and Agile in general, as a facilitator, he helps multiple teams across several time zones and locations to create better ways to plan, execute, and release in a distributed and transparent fashion.

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