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Personality Retrospective

Sometimes a regular retrospective just isn't quite enough. We're not just machines shipping product, after all – but a group of individual human beings. And sometimes you simply need to get a better understanding of who you're working with in order to create great things together. Empathy enables us to understand our colleagues' immediate frustrations, hopes, fears, abilities, reasoning, and goals.

The Personality Retrospective is an exercise that helps team members understand each other's main motivators, incentives, and perspectives, strengthening the entire team and elevating the team members’ compassion.

The exercise consists of four parts: In step 1, each participant takes a personality test (it’ll only take a few minutes). In step 2, the participants share their results and map them to the corresponding personality groups. In step 3, participants are divided into groups and given a task – with the objective of reaching a solution based on concordance. In step 4, the groups present their solutions.

However, unlike other group exercises, the actual results doesn’t really matters. What matters is how they were reached. And that’s how you play Personality Retrospective!


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