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I created this board as I wanted to have a single space to plan, set and align OKRs across the business.

Here's why I created this board (after I couldn't find one which covered all bases):

  1. Total Business Alignment: This board is not just about noting down objectives. It’s about aligning them across all teams, ensuring that everyone is paddling in the same direction.

  2. Strategic Discussion: Before even jotting down an OKR, it's vital to have a conversation. This board emphasizes initiating with strategy, ensuring OKRs become a slice of your grand vision and not just isolated targets.

  3. Prepare, set and follow up your OKR setting: From preparing for your workshop to the post-workshop follow-up, this board encompasses every step. It ensures continuity and clarity from the start to the finish line.

How it works:

  • Strategic Discussion: Identify the current quarter's focus, potential future endeavors, and other underlying priorities. This helps ensure that your OKRs align with broader organizational goals.

  • Objective writing: A collaborative space for the team to define the overarching objective. This process is democratized, ensuring everyone has a say.

  • Clarifying Key Results: Detail out the metrics that define success. With a dedicated space for sourcing data, this section guarantees consistent tracking.

  • Capture why this OKR is important: Inspiration comes from understanding why this OKR is important.

  • Key Result Champions: You don't need to nail your OKR in one workshop, but capturing champions ensures everyone knows whose finalizing which KRs and acting as advocates throughout the quarter.

  • Teamwise Alignment: With distinct sections for every team, everyone gets a chance to align their objectives with the company's primary OKR. It ensures a symbiotic relationship between the macro and micro goals of the organization.

Personal Note: I’ve always believed that while OKRs provide the structure, it's the 'why' behind them that offers momentum. This board ensures both are given equal prominence.

If you want to make OKR setting more fun and easier, give this board a try. Dive in, and experience a seamless and strategic OKR journey.

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Tim Newbold
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OKR Quickstart works with founders to focus their teams on what matters most, by creating strategic clarity, setting and achieving audacious goals (with OKR) and building high performing teams.

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