Multitasking Myth-Buster Game


This is the Multitasking Mythbuster Game to be played In Miro. This game is a great example to show the cost of multitasking and context switching. This game is perfect for remote teams. To learn how to facilitate this game please watch the movie below.


Part 1 - Select one of the orange box play areas and write your name in the purple box that says "Your Name Here"

Part 2 - Grab your phone/stopwatch and set it to the timer mode ( which will count up when pressing start)

Round 1

  • (start the timer)

  • Write each first character horizontally

  • Then write the next character in each column horizontally

  • Continue with each row till you are done

  • ( Stop the timer/ Record your time)

Round 2

  • (start the timer)

  • Write the characters in the specified order, this time complete each column's characters all at once before moving on to the next column.

  • ( Stop the timer/ Record your time)


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