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5Gs Retrospective

Walk through your retro session using the 5 Gs!

The 5Gs retrospective is a team activity taking place at the end of a sprint designed to understand what worked, what didn’t, and what can be improved. The 5Gs stand for good, glum, grasped, grateful and going forward.

GOOD - What was good in this sprint?

GLUM - What made us feel glum?

GRASPED - What do we now understand?

GRATEFUL - What and who are we grateful for?

GOING FORWARD - What do we do moving forward?


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David Westgarth
Digital Project Manager @DWP
Dave Westgarth is currently working as a Digital Project Manager in UK Government. He serves on software development, automation, cloud and service transformation projects across the spectrum of approaches including waterfall, scrum, kanban and lean.

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