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Agile and Scrum
Design Sprints
Design Thinking
Business Vision and Strategy
Management Consulting
Elisan Partners helps organisations develop better leaders and teams through continuous learning, knowledge discovery and strategy co-creation
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Elisan Partners provides coaching, facilitation, training, and strategy co-creation services for organizations across industries. Our goal is to help organizations develop effective modern leaders, workers, and workplaces that are more focused, productive, and healthy. We achieve this through Actionable Leadership, Culture Development, and Self-Organisation initiatives co-developed with the clients. We can customize discovery and strategy workshops, training programs, and team development activities for your organization online and in-person.

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Business Agility
Agile Leadership
Better Management
Strategy Design Sprint
Online Facilitation and Program Design
Crowdsourced-Fairytale Moment
Systems-Thinking-Game Moment
TRIZ---Liberating-Structures Moment
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worked with
Mandai Wildlife Reserves Singapore
PUB - Singapore's National Water Agency
Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah
“It was a very interactive session, particularly enhanced with the use of Miro & certain group exercises to help engage all participants.”
Talent Manager, Essilor International
“Isman's facilitation was great - very engaging and relevant for the team, and the level of support and preparedness was outstanding.”
PayPal, Director of PMM and GTM Transformation
“Isman is a Miro guru— he does a fantastic job of sequencing flows to keep engagement high, mixing a variety of techniques, high energy, empathy, and narrative to make sure everyone is always together. ”
Conversation Architect, Knowmium
“Isman has demonstrated that online/virtual facilitation can be as engaging as on-site facilitation without much hassle. If you want to learn how to engage your remote teams effectively, Isman is the go-to person. ”
Performance Consultant, Peet Asia
Elisan Partners
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