Open-Source Ecosystem Toolkit


This digitalised toolkit consists of six exercises aimed at making it easier for businesses to visualize risks and opportunities associated with open-source product design.

The Open-source Ecosystem Toolkit is designed to follow you and your brand as your offering(s), community and business develops and grows. It is a resource for teams, businesses and organizations who want to work more collaboratively and community-driven with product design.

Each exercise comes with a description on how to perform the exercise, what to consider and how the different exercises are linked together. The use of coloured and labeled post-its is to ensure an overview of different variables as well quickly visualize connections and potentials.

Exercise 3 is split in three. The purpose of this is to allow you to focus on one customer/user group at a time and depending on the progression of your offering/business.

The final exercise of the toolkit sets out to help you test and validate the assumptions uncovered by using this toolkit.

The toolkit is iterative, meaning it is supposed to be revisited and explored multiple times throughout the journey of your open-source development project.

Our goal is to keep developing the toolkit. Therefore, and in alignment with the principles of open-source, this toolkit is free to share, copy, repurpose and upgrade. Send us your feedback and input, and let us know how you get along.


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