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Project Status Report Template

Compare the current state of your project against its projected plan.

About the Project Status Report Template

A project status report should ideally compare the current state of your project against its projected plan. The report tracks on a high level how you achieve your goals, even if you experience setbacks. It’s also likely to be read by an executive-level audience controlling budgets and governance, which can help you keep the report focused on critical issues.

This template is only a starting point. You and your team can change which completion metrics are essential or more important. You can customize the template name according to specific accomplishments in a particular period, like “weekly activity report” or “quarterly activity report.”

Keep reading to learn more about the Project Status Report Template.

What is a project status report

A project status report is a short, timely document that keeps your project stakeholders informed and aligned on what is happening, and why. You can start writing this document on your own, then include your teammates as well to produce a timely and relevant report.

Is your project experiencing any delays or obstacles? Make sure your report addresses what you’re doing to solve these issues. Project status reports allow project managers and teams to prove they’re proactive, keep team members focused, and move projects forward. 

When to use a project status report

Teams or project managers use project status reports to show any stakeholder the project status, budget, and deliverables. How often you decide to create, update, or send this project status report depends on the project's size. 

Create your own with the Project Status Report Template

Making your own project status reports is easy. Miro’s whiteboard tool is the perfect canvas to create and share them with your team. Get started by selecting the Project Status Report Template, then take the following steps to make one of your own.

  1. Customize the template. You can change the names of the columns to suit your needs – then get started by adding the basic details of your project and its scope.

  2. Decide what your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are. If your boss or teammates ask you what success looks like, how would you measure a positive outcome? Add your goals onto a sticky in the Analysis column. 

  3. Collect data as your project progresses. Match your data collection with what project management, your team, and the client or stakeholder need to know. Ideally, your data should be reported with a frequency that allows you to ensure high-quality collection. Consider your project length, team size, and what your stakeholders consider important to help you prioritize the data to include.

  4. Discuss the impact of project activities and outputs. Use any data included in your report to tell a compelling story grounded in concrete facts. How did the team’s decisions and actions impact the business?

  5. Proactively address issues in your report. No project is perfect and you’ll likely run into some setbacks during the reporting period. Be proud and highlight what you did to fix the unexpected. Point out how you took charge and recommended what to do if something could potentially go wrong, too.

Project Status Report Template

Project Status Report Template

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