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Newsletter Template

Create an eye-catching newsletter design your subscribers will love.

About the Newsletter Template

Businesses, influencers, creatives, non-profits.… If it seems like everyone has a newsletter these days, it’s probably because it’s true! Newsletters are popular, effective tools for staying in touch with your audience. Using a newsletter template can help your team save time and deliver eye-catching content. Our template makes it easy to produce consistent, attractive, branded newsletters.

What is a newsletter?

Whether you’re selling a product, marketing a service, or advancing a cause, you want to stay in touch with both current and potential customers. A newsletter is an easy, effective way to do that.

Newsletters are tools you can use to communicate with subscribers. For many organizations (and individuals!), newsletters are a popular way to maintain contact with people in their orbit. People with blogs, websites, or e-commerce sites use newsletters to amplify their messaging, communicate events, circulate content, and engage in marketing campaigns.

Why use a Newsletter Template?

Creating a newsletter is more complicated than it seems. By some estimates, 80% of readers delete a newsletter immediately if it doesn’t look good. That means your newsletter has to engage the reader at a glance, grabbing them from the first sentence and compelling them to keep reading.

Use the Newsletter Template to plan and test the design of your newsletter. Doing so in Miro allows you to build it collaboratively, and gives you the chance to review and approve the design before sending it out to your customers.

Create your own Newsletter Template

Creating your own newsletters is easy. Miro’s whiteboard tool is the perfect canvas to create and share them. Get started by selecting the Newsletter Template, then take the following steps to make one of your own.

  1. Brainstorm your content. Add a frame on your board, to the side of the template, and use sticky notes to start thinking about what you want your content to be. Newsletters should be relatively short, so think about 3-5 points you want to include. Brainstorm content that will be relevant to your audience and appeal to your target demographics.

  2. If you’re still stumped, try an empathy map. By sending a newsletter, you’re aiming to build a rapport with your audience. In order to better understand what they may be thinking and feeling, go to the Templates Picker in the menu bar and add an Empathy Map Template

  3. Write your copy. Once you’ve figured out your content, it’s time to start writing. All the text, images and colors of the template are customizable, so add your copy to your design. Use short, punchy sentences to keep the reader engaged. 

  4. Make sure your voice is consistent with your brand style. Your audience subscribed to the newsletter because they enjoyed your brand, so give them more of what they loved!

  5. Add images to your newsletter. You can upload your own images to replace the template ones — be sure to add something that helps your content pop.

  6. Decide on a subject line. For many people, the subject line can be the most difficult part of the newsletter-writing process. You want a subject line that catches your reader’s attention. But on the other hand, you don’t want to seem disingenuous. Brainstorm a few ideas on sticky notes, and then use Miro’s tools to share your subject lines with your team. Have them vote on which one they like best, then refine them together.

  7. Review your finished product. Now that you have your design mapped out, you can get it approved by stakeholders or simply create it in your email client to send to your users. 

Newsletter Template

Newsletter Template

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Easy to use

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Built-in collaboration

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Seamless sharing

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