Effective Meeting Template by Zoom

Transform your Zoom meetings into creative, dynamic sessions with Zoom’s Effective Meeting Template. Say bye to boring online meetings!

About the Zoom Effective Meeting Template

Zoom, a communication platform, created this template to improve everyone’s online meeting experiences. The Zoom Effective Meeting Template allows teams to get creative and improve their overall meeting dynamics.

What is Zoom’s Effective Meeting Template?

The Zoom Effective Meeting Template is composed around the 3A’s of effective meetings:

  • Agenda: effectively organize talking points so everyone knows why they are there.

  • Attendees: who will be attending your meeting.

  • Action items: note the next steps and document what’s been discussed.

These three focus areas ensure meetings are productive and efficient. When people have a clear direction on how the meeting will be led and what needs to be discussed, it’s easier to keep everyone focused and engaged.

Besides the 3A’s, here are other sections included in the Effective Meeting Template:

  • Icebreaker: icebreakers help you feel the room and get people active on the board.

  • Group activity frame: if you need to run a quick workshop, brainstorm, or voting session, use this frame.

  • Reflection: at the end of the meeting, use this frame to request feedback and run a quick retro. Note: it can be done async if needed.

Benefits of Zoom Effective Meeting Template

When you use this template, you organize your meetings more effectively, giving room and space for people to focus on what’s being discussed. In addition, everyone at the meeting has a starting point to guide themselves throughout the session and better understand the work moving forward.

Other benefits of using the Effective Meeting Template:

  • Manage time more efficiently, respecting everyone’s availability.

  • Give people a clear purpose so that they can prepare for the meeting.

  • Select meeting participants more effectively, where everyone knows their role at the meeting and why they are there.

How to use Zoom’s Effective Meeting Template

First, select the ready-made template and add it to your board. Share the link with everyone or use the Miro Zoom integration to run the meeting more seamlessly.

On customizing your template:

  1. Add an icebreaker of your choice. Go to Miro’s template picker.

  2. Add any relevant documentation or artifacts you might need for the meeting.

  3. If you want to run an activity, check out some great suggestions for running collaborative meetings.

Pro tip: save the board and have it as a template for future meetings. You can add as many frames as you need on Miro’s infinite canvas.

Effective Meetings FAQs:

How do you conduct an effective meeting?

Make sure you have the following: meeting agenda, right attendees, and action items in place. These three key areas make it easier for everyone to understand the purpose of the meeting, their roles, and the next steps.

How do you make a Zoom call interesting?

When setting up a Zoom call, ensure everyone has the agenda and the board link to work with. As a facilitator, always have your video on and share your screen if you are all working together on the same document or board. Use the Effective Meeting Template to organize your meeting and ask for feedback so you know what to improve next time. Good luck!

Effective Meeting Template by Zoom

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