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Buyer Persona Template

Define and target your ideal customers.

About the Buyer Persona Template

The most useful buyer personas reflect market research and insights gathered from user research (for instance from surveys, interviews, diary studies, A/B testing, and more). They can help your team empathize with customers, and better meet your customer needs.

Keep reading to learn more about buyer personas.

What is a buyer persona

A buyer persona represents the ideal customer for your product or service. Personas are different from your target audience. Target audience profiles analyze a large group of people, while personas are semi-fictional representations of your current and potential customers. 

Personas don’t have to focus only on ideal customer profiles. Sometimes it’s also valuable to identify negative profiles. These profiles can identify the “bad apples” or anyone who contributes to lowering  cost-per-lead or cost-per-customer value. 

Depending on your business and team size, you can have multiple personas or a single one. If personas are a new undertaking for your team, it’s okay to focus on crafting one detailed persona as a starting point.

When to use a buyer persona

Buyer personas can help your team reach cross-functional alignment. Ideally, everyone should share your vision for who the ideal customer might be. 

Personas guide the decision-making process of many teams, including:

  • Product developers who need buyer personas when building product roadmaps. Find and prioritize changes to products and services based on customer needs.

  • Marketers who need buyer personas to build useful strategies. Focus keyword research efforts and use personas as a reference when drafting copy. Personas also help narrow down and prioritize promotional initiatives.

  • Sales representatives who need buyer personas to build rapport with customers. Better prepare and empathize with customer challenges during sales-related interactions.

  • Customer support specialists who need buyer personas to better serve customers. Identify patterns in customer and product pain points, to proactively problem-solve and empathize when a customer is frustrated or the product doesn’t work as expected.

Create your own buyer persona

Making your own buyer personas is easy. Miro’s whiteboard tool is the perfect canvas to create and share them. Get started by selecting the Buyer Persona Template, then take the following steps to make one of your own.

  1. Start filling in demographic information about your customer persona. What do you know about the background, demographics, and identifiers of your customers? Ideally, you will base this data on information you and your team have collected through a combination of interviews, surveys, and phone conversations. 

  2. Share what you learned about your customer motivations. Identifying a customer’s goals and challenges can help your team articulate your product and service, and help customers successfully meet their needs.

  3. Source and include real quotes from your customers. Your sales team will appreciate having genuine insight into who customers really are and what they actually want, in their own words. When talking to customers in real time, these insights can help sales reps relate to and anticipate customer concerns.

  4. Craft relevant messages for your persona. Your team needs guidance on talking to customers about company products and services, from specific details about products or service-related language to a broader elevator pitch, which positions your offering as the solution to customer pain points. 

  5. Share the personas with your team. They may be semi-fictional representations, but to see a cultural shift in your company, start viewing personas as real people affected by your decisions. Begin bringing them up in meetings, emails, and on calls as a point of reference for customer motivations and pain points.

  6. Put your personas to work, adding new context and detail as needed. Personas can be used to individualize customer journey maps, to nurture customer leads and campaigns, and to create content that directs them toward purchases.

Buyer Persona Template

Buyer Persona Template

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