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Elevate your design and create the right personas for your product with Miro’s persona maker. Harness the power of visual storytelling and better understand your audience for more dynamic, nuanced user experiences.

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Unlock a deeper understanding of your customers, and visualize their wants and needs all in one central space. Miro's persona builder lets you create user maps, customer journeys, and everything you need to bring innovation with clarity and speed.

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Don’t start from scratch

Get inspired by our Templates Library and speed up the persona creation process, no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro. Miro lets you customize and edit templates quickly, allowing you to focus more on the work that matters.

Create a central UX hub

Use Miro’s visual workspace to centralize all your research and findings, making it easier to ideate, create, and design products. Create a single source of truth for teams throughout the entire design process.

Easily collect and review feedback

Miro’s persona creator ensures that every voice is heard, fostering a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of your user personas. Iterate on your user personas without losing previous versions, gaining a better overview of your process.

Share it

After creating your user personas, present them to your team, stakeholders, or clients using Miro’s interactive presentation features. Toggle between different views, zoom into details, and guide your audience through the user journey you've designed.

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Create standards to understand and improve your customer experience.

How to create a persona with Miro


Select a template

Choose a persona template that aligns with your project needs.


Invite your team to share insights

Document all ideas directly on the board.


Iterate and refine

Use team feedback and user research to enhance your personas.


Engage in presentation

Use Miro's Presentation mode to share your personas with stakeholders and your team.

Integrated with your favorite tools

Ideas, inspiration, and intel in full view. Visualize marketing campaigns and client and prospect info to take action, and track tasks and status updates for the team.

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“Miro helps solve one of the major gaps in product design: how to manage tasks across product designers whose projects are in different tools.”

Jane Ashley

Head of Design at DocuSign

Persona creator FAQs

Miro helps you better understand users by allowing teams to construct detailed and dynamic personas that embody user characteristics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. This information helps craft user-centric design strategies and provides valuable insights for decision-making processes.

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