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Annual Calendar Template

Plan, record, and reflect on work 12 months into the future.

About the Annual Calendar Template

You already have calendars for appointments and daily deadlines. Yet you might be lacking one that allows you to reflect on your team’s growth and accomplishments over a year, or on large-scale project timelines. An annual calendar template can help you make sense of what you spend most of your energy on during a twelve-month period. By visually representing commitments and goals, you can reprioritize them as needed. 

Keep reading to learn more about annual calendars.

What is an annual calendar?

An annual calendar mimics the paper-based wall planners that used to hang on office walls. The grid structure serves anyone who wants to plan out their year in different “chunks” or streams of focus and commitments. 

Mapped out over a 12-month period, an annual calendar offers a bird’s eye view of your year. You and your team can make long-term plans, document the busiest (or quieter) moments, and reflect on accomplishments throughout the year. 

You can also use them for a personal or team-oriented “annual review.” On a weekly or monthly basis, you can start to notice patterns of productivity, distractions, and goal-setting. Based on what you learn, you can make changes and better long-term decisions. Spend too much time in meetings? Don’t take enough time off? An annual calendar can help you see how your time is truly spent.

The goal is to get a sense of the key priorities, commitments, and ambitions for the year ahead, and visually document where the majority of your time has been spent. 

Create your own Annual Calendar Template

Customizing the Annual Calendar Template is simple. Miro’s whiteboard tool is the perfect canvas to plan ahead without losing context or focus. Get started today by selecting the Annual Calendar Template, and customizing it to fit your needs:

  1. Name your color-coded streams. These could be the names of places, people, events, short- or long-term projects significant to your work or personal calendar year.

  2. Drag a sticky onto your ideal start date, and resize it horizontally to represent a date range. 

  3. Connect to other elements: arrows, notes, symbols … take your pick! Annotate or mark it as you see fit for future reference. 

  4. You can resize your stickies as time passes or plans change. Whether it’s in-the-moment markers or future plans being recorded for reference, you will be able to see at a glance how your year looks. Share it with your team, or keep it for your personal reference as needed. 

Annual Calendar Template

Annual Calendar Template

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Easy to use

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Built-in collaboration

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Seamless sharing

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