REAN Template

Use the REAN template to evaluate marketing activities related to reach, engagement, activation, and nurture.

About the REAN template

The REAN Template is a four-factor framework for mapping and analyzing various marketing activities. It helps marketing teams visualize solutions and set goals for the future. 

The template is split into four quadrants — Reach, Engagement, Activation, and Nurture. Marketing teams can use these quadrants to review past projects, identify areas of improvement, and discover new opportunities for growth.

What is the REAN model? 

The REAN model measures the efficacy of marketing efforts. It was first introduced by Xavier Blanc in 2006 and popularized by Steve Jackson in Cult of Analytics. Today, marketing teams use it for a variety of reasons. In fact, many teams rely on the REAN model because of its flexibility. 

The REAN model can be adapted to a variety of marketing efforts, such as planning measurement frameworks, deciding on marketing objectives, mapping digital marketing channels, and creating new digital strategies.Marketing teams can also use it to develop KPIs to capture how well their marketing campaigns are working. 

The four factors of the REAN model 

To use the REAN model effectively, you need to understand its four main quadrants: 

1. Reach measures your ability to raise awareness of your brand and attract relevant traffic to your site. For example, you might use paid ads or marketing automation to reach a wider audience.You can measure reach by tracking your impressions divided by frequency. 

2. Engagement helps you understand how customers interact with your brand. Measurements include the number of clicks, your conversion rate, the average session duration, and more. A high interaction engagement rate is a good indication that your marketing activity is working. 

3. Activation measures customer actions on your website. Many teams choose to measure activation through conversion metrics — for example, how many customers click the call to action. This process gives you a better understanding of the customer journey, helps you build a better relationship with your customers, and boosts customer satisfaction. 

4. Nurture captures whether visitors return to your site and consume more of your content. The aim is to create a loyal audience that keeps coming back for more. Remarketing plays a big role in this process, as it targets customers who have already visited your site or bought from you in the past. You can measure nurture by tracking how previous customers engaged with your business. 

How to create a REAN model using Miro’s template 

Miro’s digital workspace is the perfect canvas on which to create a REAN framework. Our ready-made REAN Template is collaborative, easy to use, and customizable. Follow these steps to create the perfect REAN framework for your business: 

Step 1: Select this template. Start by choosing Miro’s REAN Template. It’s free to use and intuitive, so you don’t have to spend hours training to learn how to use it. Simply sign up and jump straight in. 

Step 2: Add the relevant information to the quadrants. When you’re in the template, you’ll see the four quadrants of the REAN framework. Add your key information into these quadrants so you can start your analysis. 

Step 3: Share the template with your team. With all the information in the template, you can now share it with your team and any external stakeholders. They can review the template before you move on to the next step. 

Step 4: Collaborate and make changes. After sharing the template, you can work with your team to discuss the information and provide feedback. This process will make sure that you’ve covered everything and that you’re heading in the right direction. 

Step 5: Create a plan of action. From here, you can create an action plan for your future goals. This plan will be based on the information you’ve reviewed from past marketing activity. 

How to run a REAN workshop 

To host a REAN workshop, you need to understand how the process works. To give you an idea of how to prepare, here’s an overview: 

Determine the actors

An actor is anyone who makes decisions about your marketing activity or performs marketing tasks. For example, financial actors are in control of budgets and spending. Business actors are the decision-makers who create business strategies. You need to know who all of these people are so that you determine who to involve in the workshop and whose approval you’ll need to make changes. 

Create the REAN diagram

Use Miro’s template to bring your diagram to life and easily collaborate with your team. You can also split the quadrants of the template into slides if you want to deliver the framework as a presentation.

Discuss the quadrants

The workshop should be a collaborative process in which everyone involved discusses the different elements of the REAN framework. To encourage collaboration, take a look at some of our brainstorming templates

Create an action plan

After reviewing the REAN framework, continue the collaboration process to create a plan of action. This plan should outline what you’ve learned from the workshop and how you’ll apply this information to your future marketing activity. 

REAN Template

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