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REAN template

Evaluate marketing activities in relation to reach, engagement, activation, and nurture.

The REAN template can help you evaluate marketing activities—whether you’re considering a strategy, approach to measurement, defining your goals, or activating new channels. By guiding you to consider four categories—Reach, Engage, Activate, and Nurture—this template will help you come up with a comprehensive strategy across all marketing disciplines.

About the REAN template

What is a REAN model?

First introduced in Cult of Analytics, the REAN model is used to measure and understand the efficacy of marketing efforts. It helps marketing teams develop useful KPIs that can help capture how well their marketing or ad campaigns are working. Many teams rely on the REAN model because it is infinitely flexible. It can be adapted to a variety of marketing efforts, including planning measurement frameworks, setting goals, deciding on objectives, and mapping digital marketing channels.

What does REAN stand for?

REAN stands for: Reach, Engage, Activate, and Nurture. These cover each of the main stages a marketer’s audience goes through on their journey to becoming a customer.

How do you use REAN?

REAN is a flexible framework that can be applied to a range of problems, such as defining a digital strategy, outlining which metrics to measure, and deciding on team or project goals.

The 4 factors of the REAN model

1. Reach - Reach measures the effectiveness of the measures you use to attract people to your site. To increase reach, you often have to put an ad or marketing materials in front of your customers or potential customers. For that reason, many teams measure reach in terms of impression metrics, which count the number of times that a given ad or piece of content was viewed.

2. Engage - Engage helps you understand the ways in which customers or prospects are interacting with your brand. Marketing teams are particularly interested in Engage because it helps them create better content marketing strategies. If your goal is to generate website traffic, then you will probably measure Engage in terms of clocks. A high click through rate is a good indication that your customers and prospects find your ads and marketing strategy relevant.

3. Activate - Activate measures whether users are taking certain actions on your website, or following a certain path. Many teams choose to measure Activate through conversion metrics -- that is, when someone clicks on an ad and then takes an action that’s valuable to your business, such as starting a free trial of your service.

4. Nurture - Nurture captures whether you’re encouraging your visitors to return to your site and consume more of your content. Remarketing helps marketers keep customers and prospects in your funnel so they’re always coming back for more. By measuring Nurture, you can see whether your remarketing efforts are working. 

REAN template

REAN template

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