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Creative Brief template

Define requirements, goals and resources for creative projects to promote alignment.

A creative brief provides the relevant information for any sort of creative project, including the target audience, goals, timeline, budget, and guidelines or specifications of the project itself. The goal of this document is to anticipate any questions the creator might have about the project and confirm that everyone agrees on the scope and purpose before the creative work begins.

About the Creative Brief template

What is a creative brief?

Marketing and advertising campaigns are often massive, complex projects. There are a variety of stakeholders and moving parts, a budget that is stretched to its limit, and a complicated review process. If you succeed, you can win new customers and expand your business. If you don’t, you risk burning precious resources and undoing hard-won progress. With so much at stake, it’s important to get it right on the first try. That’s where the creative brief comes in.

A creative brief is the foundation of any marketing or advertising campaign. Whenever someone requests a creative project, it’s important to include a creative brief that establishes guidelines for the project. A creative brief is the first step in the process of building websites, videos, ads, banners, and much more.

Most creative briefs are a maximum of two pages long. They are designed to outline the objective of the project, establish direction, define the audience, and nail down the message. It states the communication strategy for the duration of the project, timeline, budget, and scope.

When do you use a creative brief?

A creative brief is generally prepared before kicking off a project to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and the creative person (designer, writer, videographer, etc.) has all the information they need before they begin working.

Who should use a creative brief?

Creative briefs are often used in design and advertising agencies, but they can also be used by marketing departments, executives, or any other group that is requesting creative work. Freelancers may also ask their clients to prepare a creative brief to streamline their collaboration.

What are the benefits of a creative brief?

1 - Clarify your goal and objectives. The brief ensures that everyone is aligned on what you are trying to accomplish. This increases efficiency and reduces the need for redundant meetings.

2- Articulate facts and assumptions. Build a foundation for your project so your design team is on the same page as your marketing team.

3 - Allow space for all stakeholders to provide input.

4 - Provide metrics for success and criteria for evaluation. Your marketing and design teams can refer to the brief throughout the project lifecycle to ensure they’re on track to achieve their goals.

5 - Increase ownership and accountability.

6 - Allow the design team to uncover insights about the brand. The brief is an excellent way for the design team to get better acquainted with your company, brand voice, marketing style, and aesthetic. It creates opportunities for key conversations early in the project, saving you time and money down the line.

7 - Help avoid scope creep.

8 - Keep all members of the team informed. The brief should lay out the budget, timeline, and preferred communication style so everyone stays aligned.

Creative Brief template

Creative Brief template

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