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Information structuring, interrelations search, product development, idea presentation and many other things are available to you with our concept map maker.
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A concept map is a visual tool that depicts suggested relationships between concepts and helps to organize knowledge.
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Handy features of Miro concept map maker

Concept map template

Save time and effort with a pre-made
customizable template

Why waste precious time searching for a suitable template on the Internet, when you can apply our concept map template or customize it as you wish in seconds! Use your time wisely and make use of the integrated templates and tools of our concept map maker.
Special features

Visualize your associations with shapes and arrows

With Miro association features included, your map building process will be easier. To represent your ideas, you may load pictures, add links or video. Create clearly defined links between objects to show the relationships between different domains! When you’re finished, download your concept map as a JPG or save it as a PDF.
Discuss online

Discuss and collaborate on concept map format
in real time

Provide your team with online access to your map to work quickly and effectively. You will have the ability to track tasks and update the final status of issues right on the board in real time! Type comments to, and get feedback from your remote team members immediately.
Connection from any devices

Real-time access from any device

Engage your team to work remotely in real time from any device: interactive whiteboard, personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Build your workflow around a single tool

Use integrations to build your workflow around
a single tool

Make your concept map as powerful as possible by connecting Miro to a growing list of apps and services: Atlassian’s JIRA, Google Drive, Slack, Trello, DropBox and OneDrive.
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Great experience. Miro environment allowed me to customize templates for my current project. I like it's complete open flexibility to create any board possible.
George Metrick
George Metrick,
Social Media Listening Consultant,
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