Lotus Diagram Template

Visualize themes and explore alternative paths with a Lotus Diagram Template. Innovate when brainstorming and sharing ideas.

About the Lotus Diagram Template

The Lotus Diagram Template is a creative-thinking technique, also known as the "lotus blossom technique.” Proposed by Michael Michalko, it helps you expand your thinking beyond your usual paths. The lotus blossom technique focuses the power of brainstorming on areas of interest by using a visual representation of an idea. It is similar to mind-mapping (but more structured) and pushes you in ways you don’t find in classic mind-mapping.

What is a Lotus Diagram?

A Lotus Diagram is a brainstorming and organization tool. It helps define key concepts or parts of a broader picture. The center of the diagram represents the main idea, with eight surrounding boxes representing additional concepts.

Brainstorming can be a frustrating experience. Sometimes, your team comes in with a thousand ideas they’re ready to share. Other times, the well runs dry. A Lotus Diagram can empower you to run smoother, more effective brainstorming sessions. Use this Lotus Diagram Template to visualize themes and explore alternative paths.

How to use a Lotus Diagram Template

Start with a central idea or theme, and then expand outwards with solution areas or related themes in an iterative manner. The technique encourages you to have a fully fleshed-out idea space before considering the idea completed.

What are the benefits of using Lotus Diagrams?

Many teams benefit from using a Lotus Diagram Template, mainly because it gives a twist to a regular brainstorming session. Here are a few advantages of using the lotus diagram:

1. Have better brainstorming sessions

Lotus Diagrams encourage lateral thinking. If people get stuck, you can return to the diagram to generate ideas that might be tangentially related to your main topic.

2. Promote logical thinking

In using a Lotus Diagram, you’re constantly filing topics according to their relationship to the main topic. That makes it a helpful tool for keeping your meetings focused and on task.

3. Foster creativity

A Lotus Diagram encourages you to ask critical, incisive questions about the main topic, generating new ideas for discussion.

4. Break down complex ideas

Lotus Diagrams can be useful for discussing complex topics with many moving parts. By uncovering related ideas, you can better understand the main idea at the center of the diagram.

Getting started with Miro's Lotus Diagram Template

When you use Miro to create the Lotus Diagram, you can:

  • Have endless space for your collaboration. Brainstorm ideas with your distributed teammates as if you were all in one room, and engage everyone in front of your online whiteboard to ideate and discuss all topics together.

  • Customize and fill out the Lotus Diagram template as you go along. Change colors and add sticky notes and arrows to experiment with different ideas.

  • Upload documents and images to make your collaboration and ideation session more visual and vivid.

  • Save your completed Lotus Diagram in .JPEG or .PDF to always have it ready to view.

Lotus Diagram Template

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