Unlimited collaborative
whiteboarding — with your
clients, for your clients

Miro is a secure and flexible visual collaboration
platform for consulting firms of any size.
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Collaborate transparently
with your clients

Help them innovate and win the digital transformation game.
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Consultant Plan
Use Miro to collaborate with your
clients on innovative solutions for their
  • Private, secure team for each client
  • Advanced user management and
    Rest easy knowing you have complete control over access levels to maintain privacy and security of client information
  • Flexible licensing options for occasional
    Provide 24-hour access to short-term collaborators like key stakeholders, workshop attendees, and more. Сonvert frequent day pass users to full users at any time.
  • Priority support response
per user/month/annually
$15 user/month/monthly
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Facilitate collaboration with
key stakeholders

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Set up and start

Set up and start using
Miro in no time

Leverage Miro's intuitive workflows and tools to collaborate effortlessly with your team in minutes.
Share you work

Share your work easily

Share the board with anyone and create
presentations in a couple of clicks. Save your
results as an image, PDF file or export the text
to a spreadsheet.
Create multiple workspaces

Create multiple

Create unlimited, private workspaces
to collaborate with each of your clients.
Collaborate visually

Collaborate visually

Manage client projects visually to see the big
picture and provide insights into your working
Organize workshops

Organize workshops

Organize client workshops of all sizes and easily keep track of and build upon workshop and meeting outputs.

Share best practices
and scale their usage

Create and share custom templates across
organizations to ensure scalability and
consistency of consulting frameworks and
Achilles uses
work collaboratively
with potential users
in real time.
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Tom verbist Tom verbist
A lot of times when you’re designing,
you’re not really close to your target
group and it’s fairly labor intensive to go
and look for them and interview them on
the spot. They [potential users] can fill
out their answers and collaborate more
easily because distance is not a problem
anymore. Quote top Quote bottom
Tom Verbist, Design thinker
and service design lead at Achilles Design.

Killer features for consultants

Take advantage of the multiple teams feature

The multiple teams option allows you to have a well-structured account,
simple access rights management, and account management in general.
Andrej Ktitarev
Miro offers a fantastic experience
for facilitating Remote Design Sprints,
it's an extraordinarily smooth tool! Quote Quote
Andrej Ktitarev, Creative Problem Solver,
Director and Magician AJ&Smart GmbH

Use Miro as a single source
of truth for your projects

Visualize and give structure to project information in a
shared workspace to collaborate on with your team.
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Organize remote and co-located
workshops with your clients

Time is your key competitive advantage. Now you don't
have to wait until you can fly everyone in for a workshop.
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Andrej Ktitarev
We love how Miro allows us to have fluent
conversations among remote teams and customers
with visual tools, boosting the efficiency normally
reserved for the classical whiteboard. The flexibility
is amazing and a step forward for innovative
companies like BeHappy. Quote Quote
Javi Sánchez,
Co-founder & CEO BeHappy Co.

More reasons to try Miro

Day Passes for
occasional users

Share project overview with external
stakeholders and effortlessly invite everyone
you need to bring up to speed with the project.

Seamless workflow

Miro works with the most popular
apps and tools like Google Drive, JIRA and
Slack, so there is no need to reinvent your

Limitless collaboration
across devices

You can use Miro on your Mac
or PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device or
smartboard. For more info, please visit
our Supported Devices page.

Presentation mode for
pitching ideas to clients

Use presentation mode to demonstrate
project results to your clients.
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Mobile App

Bring sticky notes from
the wall to the board
easily.Get access to
features on the go.
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Add ideas, digitize sticky notes, and leave comments on the go with Miro mobile app