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Organize and structure meetings to be more productive.

About the Meeting Organizer template

The 5 Benefits of Organizing Meetings

Generate more ideas - We’ve all stepped into a conference room for a meeting with no idea what it’s about. It’s never a good experience! If your teammates don’t know the goal, stakes, or benefits of this meeting, it will be harder for them to come equipped with ideas. By organizing a meeting, you increase the chances that people will show up ready to participate.

Generate better ideas - Meetings aren’t just about ideas -- they’re about good ideas. Organize your meetings to empower your teammates to put their best foot forward. If your teammates understand what the meeting is for, what you hope to accomplish, and how it fits into the bigger picture, their ideas will reflect that understanding.

Improve efficiency - Simply put, an organized meeting will take up less time than a disorganized one. And organized meetings take up better time than disorganized meetings. Rather than spending the meeting answering questions about the meeting itself, organized meetings give you space to talk about the things that matter.

Get more people involved - When it comes to discussions, people have different styles and preferences. Many of your teammates might prefer to write down their ideas rather than communicate them orally, for example. An organized meeting gives everyone a chance to contribute in the style of their choice.

Turn disagreements into discussion - In any meeting, disagreements are inevitable. This is far from a bad thing. After all, disagreements help you grow and iterate. But organization is the difference between disagreement and discussion. In a disorganized meeting, your teammates might argue without resolution because they don’t have a good idea of their goal. In a well-organized meeting, your teammates can turn disagreements into productive discussions about how to meet a challenge.

How Miro makes your meetings more organized

Co-create your Meeting Organizer template with your remote team to keep everyone aligned and more effective during the meeting.

Save your time using a flexible pre-made meeting organizer template

Fill in a template or customize it as you want adding sticky notes with tags, arrows and lines. Export created meeting organizer as a .PDF or .JPG to print or send it to your colleagues and partners.

Use handy features to create a meeting organizer faster

Use sticky notes with tags to propose or visualize your ideas. Now you don't need to rewrite all from your desk, you can make a photo of them and upload it right on the board. Change colors and upload files to illustrate real-time or database-oriented software or systems.

Communicate with your team online

Type and resolve comments to make your discussion processes more productive. Mention your colleagues to get an answer quickly or use video-call feature to solve your discords.

Collaborate with your remote team

Create a meeting organizer together with your remote team sharing a real-time access. All changes will be saved immediately.

Access your template in real time from any device

Engage your team in the meeting organizer template to collaborate from any device: interactive whiteboard, personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Use integrations to build your workflow around a single tool

Make your meeting organizer as powerful as possible by connecting Miro to a growing list of apps and services: Atlassian’s JIRA, Google Drive, Slack, Trello, DropBox and OneDrive.

Meeting Organizer Template

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