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App Wireframe Template

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About the App Wireframe template

An app wireframe template displays the interface elements of your mobile application. It can be used to lay out the structure and functionality of your mobile app, showing the user flow and interaction between elements. The app wireframe template can help you have a good overview of your mobile app layout, and it’s the quickest way to manage design and app development. 

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What is an app wireframe?

Similar to website wireframing, app wireframing is used to visually represent a mobile app’s interface, as well as how users will interact with it.

An app wireframe is a straightforward and simple way to iterate mobile apps. You can use it to allocate on-screen elements such as content and navigation, allowing you in turn to organize and plan the app production more efficiently.

When to use an app wireframe template

Teams can use app wireframes at the early stages of an app’s development to determine the flow and functionality of a mobile app. With an app wireframe, you can ensure that the app’s user flow is smooth and that all necessary functionality is in place before you start investing in development or producing content. The goal of an app wireframe is to align on how the app will function and what each element will look like.

Create your own mobile app wireframe

You can make your mobile app wireframe quickly with Miro’s virtual collaboration platform. Get started by selecting the App Wireframe template, then take the following steps:

Step 1: App's flow

Write down the most important steps of your app's flow. List the key actions for each step. Be clear about your mobile application goals. Before you start on your app wireframing, discuss with your team your goals and what you hope to accomplish by creating this mobile app wireframe, that way it will be easier to map out the user flow and experience.

Step 2: Sketching functions

Use the components from the App Wireframe template to sketch what functions need to be visible on the screen in each step. You can also use Miro's Wireframe Library. When your user interacts with your mobile app, they’re taking a journey. Consider the information presented on each app screen and how users will interact with it. You’ll also want to think about how a mobile app’s screen size is smaller than that of a webpage, so the presentation of content should match accordingly.

Step 3: Add copy

Start filling in content to determine if the intended copy will fit the app design. In general, real content generates better feedback, so it’s best to use real content and not just placeholder texts at this stage.

Step 4: Annotate

Since there will be multiple stakeholders involved, don’t assume that your mobile app wireframe speaks for itself. Annotate as you work on your wireframe to make it easier to receive feedback and stay aligned. 

FAQ about the App Wireframe template

How do I make a wireframe template for an app?

You can make a mobile app wireframe using our template and customize it as you see fit. You can use Miro’s infinite canvas to mock up the flow between your app screens and have a great overview of your app layout.

What should a wireframe app contain?

An app wireframe template should contain the basic information about your app screens flow as well as how your layout should be designed and where content should sit. There are some elements that a mobile app wireframe should contain: logo, search fields, headers, the body of content, buttons, and footer.

What are some app wireframes examples?

There are three types of app wireframes: low-fidelity, mid-fidelity and high-fidelity. The difference between these app wireframe examples is the level of detailed information they contain about your mobile application.

App Wireframe Template

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