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App Development Canvas Template

Communicate the big picture view of what’s important while developing an app.

About the App Development Canvas template

What is an app development canvas?

When building a mobile application, you have to juggle a lot of moving parts: UX design, UI design, content, marketing, engineering, product management, and much more—all while maintaining your team’s overall vision and serving your customers. 

An app development canvas allows you to take an overview of what’s important while developing an app. It helps optimize the custom mobile application development process by implementing customer feedback and maximizing customer value. Read on to find out more about how it can help your development team.

Advantages of using an app development canvas

An app development canvas provides an overview of every aspect of your team’s process while giving you a big-picture look at how the project is proceeding. This allows you to fine-tune processes and address potential problems early, improving your product along the way. 

When to use an app development canvas

The app development canvas is a useful tool at every stage of the development process. Whether your team has already started working on your app or you’re about to start work in the future, the app development canvas combines big-picture perspective with fine-grained detail.

Use it in any of the following scenarios:

  1. When you want to create a prototype to engage in mobile testing

  2. When mobile app development requires collaboration with customers or stakeholders

  3. To minimize continuous testing you will have to do during product launch

  4. To develop your app in a cost-effective way

  5. To engage customers throughout the app development lifecycle

  6. To minimize the time and financial risk involved in developing an app

  7. To measure how customers respond to an app

Create your own app development canvas

The app development canvas contains 18 boxes, which you should fill out to get the big picture of what you are doing with your app. The boxes cover the most important aspects of the app development process.

Generally, it helps to think about the canvas in two parts:

  1. Problem: First, fill out the boxes describing the problem your app seeks to solve. What do customers need? Why aren’t they getting it? What are competitors doing wrong or not doing at all?

  2. Solution: Second, articulate your unique value proposition. How will your app solve your customers’ and prospective customers’ problems? How is your app different from that of your competitors? 

Creating your own app development canvas is easy, using Miro’s simple template tool. Select this App Development Canvas template to start, then customize according to your team’s needs. Miro’s template is the perfect canvas for creating and sharing across your team.

App Development Canvas Template

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