Technology Product Canvas template

Create alignment and clear expectations around the technical product roadmap.

The Technology Product Canvas was created by Prem Sundaram as a way for product and engineering teams to achieve alignment about their shared roadmap. Each teams states and visualizes both product and technology goals, then discusses each stage of the roadmap explicitly. This exercise ensures the teams are in sync and everyone leaves with clear expectations and direction.

About the Technology Product Canvas

When do you use the Technology Product Canvas?

It's best for the product owner to introduce the Technology Product Canvas after they've defined the product vision, conducted user story mapping, and developed the initial product release roadmap. At this point, it's clear which features are necessary for the release and teams are prepared for a detailed technical discussion.

How do you use the Technology Product Canvas?

There are five steps: 1) Define success metrics 2) Complete your product vision and product release sections 3) Match the technology vision to the product vision 4) Match the technology plans to the product goal 5) Identify risks and resources.

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