Technology Product Canvas template

Create alignment and clear expectations around the technical product roadmap.

The Technology Product Canvas was created by Prem Sundaram as a way for product and engineering teams to achieve alignment about their shared roadmap. Each team states and visualizes both product and technology goals, then discusses each stage of the roadmap explicitly. This exercise ensures the teams are in sync and everyone leaves with clear expectations and direction.

About the Technology Product Canvas template

What is a Technology Product Canvas?

To execute your projects, it’s vitally important for engineering and product management to be aligned on objectives and strategies. A Technology Product Canvas is a quick way to facilitate team discussion by getting everyone on the same page. By going through the process of creating a Technology Product Canvas, you can start managing alignment between the teams -- in under an hour.

Use the Technology Product Canvas template to help your teams articulate product roadmap goals, technology roadmap goals, and to discuss how the maps align. This exercise allows you to uncover any gaps in the teams’ processes and ensures everyone is working in sync.

When do you use the Technology Product Canvas?

It's best for the product owner to introduce the Technology Product Canvas after they've defined the product vision, conducted user story mapping, and developed the initial product release roadmap. At this point, it's clear which features are necessary for the release and teams are prepared for a detailed technical discussion.

How do you use the Technology Product Canvas?

There are five steps: 1) Define success metrics 2) Complete your product vision and product release sections 3) Match the technology vision to the product vision 4) Match the technology plans to the product goal 5) Identify risks and resources.

How to create a Product Technology Canvas

Step 1: Define metrics for success. How will you know if your plan is working? How does your plan map to overall business goals? Focus on metrics first to ensure the product and engineering teams both understand what they are working toward.

Step 2: Fill in the Product Vision and Product Release sections. Now that you have your metrics, it’s time to align the team on your product vision. How do you currently define your product development priorities? Make a note of a few key products you are looking to ship in the next quarter or year. Fill these in together.

Step 3: Match the Technology Vision with the Product Vision. Ask the technology team to define their vision for how the technology architecture is going to evolve. They can capture this information in the Technology Vision, a big-picture statement that outlines their plans for development.

Step 4: Match the Technology Plans to Product Goals. Define the Technology Plan for each upcoming releases. Ask the technology team to be as specific as they can. Then see how those plans match up with your goals.

Step 5: Identify risks and resources. Finally, discuss potential risks and the resources you will need to complete the project.

The Benefits of a Technology Product Canvas

Miscommunication between product development and technology teams is often inevitable, especially in high-growth companies. Everyone is under pressure to deliver quickly and under budget, so the tendency is to act now and communicate later. The Technology Product Canvas allows you to avoid costly errors by aligning both teams. 

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