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Improve your product by adding new features or improving existing ones.
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Everybody knows that there are two popular ways to improve a product: add new features or improve existing ones. With Features Audit, you can decide which path is best for your project based on research, discussion and collaboration.

Features Audit is an easy-to-use but powerful product management tool that allows you to map all features you want to develop or improve and focus on the ones that really matter.

Why should you try Features Audit?

Features audit will help you admit defeat and remove unnecessary features from your product; it will also help you increase the adoption rate (get more people to use it), increase the frequency of usage (get people to use it more often), and deliberately improve your product, quantifiably improving outcomes for those who use it.

What can Features Audit do for you?
  • Identify how many people are actually using each of your product’s features. Map it on two dimensions: adoption (how many people use a feature) and frequency (how often people use it).
  • Analyze all core features in terms of value and quality. Conduct the survey or focus group or brainstorm together with your team to jump start.
  • Move features identified in step 1 to new quadrants to play around with improving frequency or adoption.
  • Look at the results and turn your map into action plan.

How can Miro help you perform your Features Audit?

  • Start with a Miro pre-ready Features Audit template to save time.
  • Take advantage of handy features to make your Features Audit quickly.
  • Upload and store all necessary documents in one convenient place.
  • Research, ideate and collaborate with your team online, sharing real-time access to the board.
  • Use video chat, comments and mention to ask questions and get quick feedback.
Tip: Use Features Audit together with other templates from the Miro collection to empower your working process and deliver the best product to your customers.
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