Content Strategy Template

Bring consistency across communication channels and develop killer content strategies with this Content Strategy Template. Designed to plan and deliver high-impact content, use this tool to collaborate faster and better.

About the Content Strategy Template

Adrian Radev, a product designer at The Independent, created this Content Strategy Template to bring agility to content production and delivery. The template helps teams streamline content strategy, output, and channels, creating a higher impact and allowing teams to collaborate better.

What’s the Content Strategy Template?

The Content Strategy Template is a map of your content strategy, where you have all the information about your content in one shared space, from ideation to distribution. The template is organized in three frames:

  • Content Pillars and Strategy

  • Channel Purpose

  • Content Process

Use these frames to tailor your content plan template, coordinate creative teams, and manage marketing campaigns. This is also a great tool when aligning content with business goals, streamlining production, and scaling up content distribution.

Benefits of the Content Strategy Template

Many teams can benefit from the Content Strategy Template, including marketing, brand, and product, but remember that different teams might use this template differently. Editorial folks will build their content marketing strategy using this tool, while product marketers might adopt this framework to develop their website.

If you work with content, regardless of your team, here are some benefits of using this template:

  • Better plan your content tactics. Define your content pillars, hierarchy, channels, and purpose.

  • Present your content plan in a cohesive and impactful way. Streamline processes and better plan production with your content strategy in place.

  • Structure your content production and better grasp the processes and speed of work. Once you know your content pillars, channels, and content plan, it’s easier to put everything into production and align creative teams.

  • Get buy-in from senior stakeholders. The Content Strategy Template visually shows how you will impact the organization with your content plan.

How to use the Content Strategy Template?

Select the Content Strategy Template and add it to your board. This template is divided into three frames, where you can map out different aspects of your content strategy.

Content Pillars and Strategy

On this frame, add your key content pillars, the purpose of your content, and why you chose this approach. Then, lay out your content hierarchy and key priorities.

Channels Purpose

Define which channels you’ll use to distribute your content. Align with marketers and product marketing managers to get a better overview of their marketing campaigns and launches, and plan your content accordingly.

Content Process

Add your workflow from ideation to production, and ensure that your content process is aligned with your content strategy and backing it up. If needed, tag team members at every stage of this process, and even add a RACI Template to clarify roles and responsibilities.

Pro tip:

  • If you have any other production process that you want to add to the template, add another content process frame to your template.

Content Strategy FAQs

What are the elements of a content strategy?

The basic elements of a content strategy are content pillars, content purpose, distribution channels, and your content production process. Mapping out all these aspects of your content strategy makes it easier to execute and align with other teams and marketing efforts.

What should be included in a content plan?

Your content plan should include every deliverable of your content strategy. For example, if your strategy contains X blog posts per week, make sure to add them to your content plan with feasible deadlines. The same applies for social media posts, email campaigns, website landing pages, or any other medium that contains content. We recommend building a content plan template separately, so you can edit and share it as you manage projects.

Can the content template be used for monthly planning?

Yes, teams across your organization can use the Content Strategy Template as the source of truth, planning content across marketing departments and channels. If you need, add an annual calendar to your template, so everyone visualizes timelines and deadlines.

Content Strategy Template

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