The best Miro board examples and templates to spark your creativity

The options for what you can create in Miro are nearly limitless. Wondering where to get started? We’ve rounded up 10 of our best and most popular Miro templates along with related Miro board examples from our community templates gallery, Miroverse.

Check out these templates and examples to see how our users treat templates as launch pads for their own creative, unique, and customized boards.

1. Mind Map template

The best brainstorming sessions are full of bold ideas and free-flowing conversations — with just enough structure to keep people on track. 

That’s where this Mind Map template comes in. Put your central concept in the middle and use branches to explore related ideas and themes. You’ll have the flexibility to think freely while still maintaining focus on your core idea.

Best Miro board examples: Mind mapping

1. Mindmapping by Atlassian

2. Business mind map by De Brouwerij

2. Brainwriting template

Brainwriting is a brainstorming technique where participants use a specified amount of quiet time to independently jot down their ideas before sharing them with the broader team.

Research from Stanford University found that people are most creative when they work on their own. So, brainwriting can often yield more ideas (and better ones) than the typical rapid-fire, shout-out-suggestions-as-they-come-to-you style.

Plus, this Brainwriting template’s quieter and more intentional approach allows space for all employees to meaningfully contribute — not just your most extroverted ones. 

Best Miro board examples: Brainwriting

1. Silent brainstorming by Julia Angilova

2. Canvas brainstorming by Rodrigo Subiabre

3. 4 step critical thinking brainstorm by Mel Khim

3. Customer Touchpoint Map template

Touchpoints are a crucial part of your customer journeys. With this Customer Touchpoint Map template, you can define and map all of your customers’ interactions with your brand. 

Completing this template helps you identify areas you can improve and also lays the necessary groundwork to create a more detailed and valuable customer journey map. 

Best Miro board examples: Customer touchpoint maps

1. Relationships blueprint by Entremission

2. Service blueprint by Sahar Naderi

4. Customer Journey Map template

You can’t improve your customer experience without understanding it first. A customer journey map is a visual representation of how customers experience your brand and company across all its touch points.

Use this template to map out the flow of interactions in a timeline. You’ll build a better understanding of what your customers are doing (and feeling) at each stage of the process, so you can make strategic improvements.

Best Miro board examples: Customer journey maps

1. Practical customer journey mapping by Alex Gilev

2. Customer journey map by Columbia Road

3. Journey map to plot the customer experience by Essense

Find out how Product Designer Maureen H. jumpstarts journey mapping in Miro

5. Kanban Framework template

A Kanban board is a simple and intuitive way to track the progress of your work. Each task gets a card, which moves between columns to indicate its status. It’s highly flexible, and the Miro board examples below show how this framework can be applied to different types of work, from sales outreach to daily to-dos. 

While the Kanban Framework template can keep your team on track, it’s also a valuable resource to share with other cross-functional teams and stakeholders, so they can get visibility into your work.

Best Miro board examples: Kanban boards

1. Kanban calendar by Ondrej Papanek

2. Agile sales Kanban by Switch to Eleven

3. Featureban by Karl Morgan

6. Quick retrospective template

During a retrospective, you and your team look back on a previous sprint or project to identify your successes, failures, and ways you can improve. 

While there are plenty of popular retrospective techniques, this quick retrospective template provides a simple framework for your reflection. During your candid conversation, you’ll place sticky notes into four quadrants: 

  • Continue: What helped you move forward?
  • Stop: What held you back?
  • Invent: How could you do things differently?
  • Act: What should you do next?

Best Miro board examples: Retrospectives 

1. Hero retrospective by Yogi Nur Fadilah

2. Sailboat retrospective by Johanna Torstensson

3. Project retrospective by Inktrap

Find out how to run retrospectives in Miro with software engineer Rob Hopps

7. Flowchart template

When you think of a diagram, a flowchart is likely the first thing you’ll picture. This series of shapes and arrows is a way to map out your processes visually, helping you boost clarity, spot bottlenecks, and make improvements.

Our flowchart template is straightforward to use and easy to customize. But as the examples show, creativity knows no bounds when building and using flowcharts.

Best Miro board examples: Flowcharts

1. Swim Lane Diagram with Data by NEXT LEVEL Partners

2. UML class diagram by Dmitry Ermakov

3. Flow Diagrams by Paul Smith

8. Mental model template

Ever wish you could get inside your customers’ heads? This mental model template helps you do just that.

You’ll use research and your user personas to fill out the template. And, when you’re done, you’ll have a visual representation of what a user wants, needs, and believes about your product or system.

Best Miro board examples: Mental models

  1. Native Mental Model by Frontall

2. Org Relationship Driven Onboarding Mental Model by Lior Oren

3. The customer question board by Julia Cowing

9. Product Roadmap template

Your product roadmap gets your entire team — and your customers and stakeholders — on the same page about your product’s vision and strategy. 

With this product roadmap template, you can collaboratively agree on your strategy before prioritizing requirements and ironing out a timeline for new features.

Best Miro board examples: Product roadmaps

1. Agile Product Roadmap by Sesh

2. Product Roadmaps by Caterine Greif

3. Prioritized Product Roadmap by Jānis Dirveiks

10. Timeline template

Time has a way of running together, and milestones and moments can quickly get left behind as you forge on to the next big thing. With this Timeline template, you can plot important dates and events in chronological order.

Whether you want to build a timeline for a current project or create a detailed record of all of the major events up to this point, documenting a timeline ensures everybody is on the same page about what’s happening (or what happened) and when. 

Best Miro board examples: Timelines

1. Timeline Design by Brigitta Laszlo

2. Year timeline by Ruslan Kildeev

3. Project timeline builder by Project Management GameBoard

Harness your creativity with Miro

While the possibilities are practically endless in Miro, these templates can give you a sense of confidence and direction without limiting your imagination.

After all, as the above examples show, the best templates don’t institute constraints — they inspire creativity. 

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