Year Timeline


The “Year timeline” template is useful for outlining milestones of a project/initiative coming to life in the upcoming year(s). The template would become the first step for strategizing, estimating how realistic the plans are, or explaining complex structures by slicing them into big pieces.

The simplicity of this template is its key advantage: you are not concentrating on details rather getting an overview of the big picture. This “look from the above” allows for planning on meta-level which, in turn, makes you focus on the core meaning, not the package.

The “Year timeline” can help upper management bring their ideas down to their teams to provide them with an overview and ensure the alignment within the team.


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Ruslan Kildeev
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Ruslan is an edtech producer, sustainability geek, visual thinker, and digital magician. He accompanies teams and organizations in growing their capacities and creating meaningful online gatherings.
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