Macro: Year Planner View


This digital year planner borrows from the wall planners of old to give you a macro view of your year so you never lose context. Individuals and teams can reference this to plan long term, capture key moments in the year and reflect on large stretches of time.

This is not a google calendar, for appointments and specifics, it is for chunks of time and provides 'at a glance' information.

Currently, it is very manual. I have set this up for 2020, but It will need to be adjusted each year. You must manually add and size 'chunks' (as I call them) and manually progress time.

My aim is to develop this idea further into a digital product so if you find it useful, please let me know, and reach out if you would like to collaborate!


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Eth Fish
Product Designer
With a mindset seeded in the south of New Zealand at a unique school of user-centred designers preaching IDEO methods and Buckminster Fuller, Ethan has since forged his own path as a freelancer and product designer.
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