Practical Customer Journey Mapping


Today, customers hold companies to high standards for product quality and user experience.To stay afloat, best-in-class companies optimize customer journeys, not just individual touchpoints or design.This template exists for several reasons:

  • It helps you identify the key value metrics for your product

  • Map out the critical path to better understand the entire user journey

  • View your product through the gamification lenses by breaking it down on different levels

  • See a bigger picture and make strategic decisions early on

Learn how to leverage Customer Journey Mapping to create successful products with a sticky user experience to maximize your company’s competitive advantage.

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Alex Gilev
Alex Gilev is a User Experience strategist, who helps startups & Fortune 500 companies innovate in UX to maximize their competitive advantage. He studied strategy in Harvard Business School, IDEO & Strategyzer and has a background in Behavioral Psychology. Alex is currently pursuing his MBA in Strategic Management.

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