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Current Experience Canvas

The board helps defining the current user situation in order to identify pain points, customer journey and value generators that set a base for redesigning an experience.

When to use the Current Experience Canvas?

After empathizing with the users, through workshops & interviews and before the Qualitative Ideation Canvas


The UX Team will identify the current user experience in four main elements:

  • Pain Points

  • Value Generators

  • Insights

  • Current Customer Journey

With this, the team can start designing and improving the customer experience.


  • With post-its, fill each quadrant in teams by posting the main insights.

  • Group in clusters the post-its with similar ideas.

  • Discuss the information with your team and draw conclusions.

Key Concepts

  • User pain-points: actions where the user has a negative or improvable experience.

  • User value generators: features where the user has positive experience.

  • Surprising insights: outstanding learnings that portray the user situation.

  • Current Customer Journey: phases that a user lives during the service/product purchase.

Format & Time

Filling this canvas can be either an individual or a collaborative activity. In case that it is designed mainly by one person, the objective is to fill out every concept as described bellow.

In case it is filled collaboratively, the activity should unfold in a timed brainstorm dynamic in the following order:

  • Each member chooses a colored post-it stack.

  • Brainstorm the user pain points, value generators & Surprising Insights.

  • Map the current Customer Journey naming the main stages and activities.

  • Draw main conclusions.


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