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The Timeline design template is a versatile timeline with many design options ready to use for simple timelines or more complex roadmaps.

In the file you can find both a simple and more expanded timeline.

Use it in your strategy workshop, design & development dept monitoring or any yearly planning activities.

How can it help you and your team?

This template can help anyone visually share plans with their teams, and is used to collaborate and keep stakeholders up to date on activity tracking.


Brigitta Laszlo image
Brigitta Laszlo
UX Consultant@Grundfos
Brigitta is a multi-disciplined designer building next-level user-centric experiences. She is currently establishing, maturing & managing the Web Design System @Grundfos. "I believe that design must solve a need, stimulate innovation, and materialise as an experience that feels effortless, gratifying, trustworthy, and human."
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