Hybrid by Design: Workplace of the Future


As a leading international workplace design firm, the past few years could have been, well, scary for DLR Group’s business. Luckily, everything we do is rooted in innovation, and our clients – from Fortune 500s to scrappy startups – are more interested in innovation and evolution than ever. We’re fielding questions every day about how to do hybrid “right.” Spoiler alert: there is no one size fits all hybrid work model. Culture, values, and policy all feed into effective hybrid solutions with beautiful nuance.

This is why we developed a Hybrid Model Workshop for our clients. And today, we’re sharing a small but mighty version of that very workshop here in Miro Templates. 

In this hybrid by design workshop, you’ll use a Miro template to:

  • Level-set expectations for hybrid work now and the future;

  • Set priorities for near, now, and future design solutions that support a hybrid workplace;

  • Be introduced to a new way of looking at your space, how your employees use it, and how that may change in a hybrid model

  • Get connected to helpful design resources from authorities including the American Institute of Architects, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, the CDC, and others.

What you’ll need:

  • A group of people who are ready to be honest, think quickly, and empowered to brainstorm priorities for your hybrid workplace. Pro tip! This should be a diverse group of stakeholders from Human Resources to Technology, Facilities to culture champions.

  • A facilitator who can be a neutral party in listening-only mode: someone who is not expected to also participate.

  • A floorplan of your existing workplace.

  • A willingness to challenge the status quo. Don’t worry, if you get stuck or want to take these ideas further into design, workplace strategy, or costing, contact DLR Group for an in-depth hybrid design workshop.


DLR Group is a 100% employee-owned integrated design firm delivering architecture, engineering, interiors, planning, and building optimization. Our promise is to elevate the human experience through design.
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