Feature prioritization canvases for product teams


About the template

These canvases offer two ways to prioritize product feature ideas and shortlist the most promising ones for further development. Unlike the popular value-versus-feasibility canvas or forced ranking table, these enhanced variants of prioritizing give less biased and more accurate results.

Facilitator tips

  • “Based on your knowledge and on precedents from your practice, which of the feature ideas would pay off the soonest?”

  • “Please recall a recent development project — specifically, how long it took and what slowed or blocked the work. Now, which of the feature ideas on the board would be easiest to implement?”

  • “In a minute, we’ll vote on the expected value for customers. Let’s recall what they complained about in support tickets, what they requested in interviews, and what they used the most according to our analytics. So, which of the features presented on the whiteboard address the most critical needs?”

  • “Recall your conversations with end users and recent user-research results. Which features address their most acute pains?”

Not recommended:

  • “Stick the dots on the features you like the most.”

  • “Now, please vote for the best features.”

  • “Choose the most valuable features and vote for them.”

  • “What are your favorite ideas on the whiteboard?”

You can find a detailed justification and instructions in the following article: https://shestopalov.medium.com/feature-prioritization-a089fd0af08


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Slava Shestopalov
Design Manager@ELEKS Berlin
Designer with 10-year multidisciplinary experience. Contributing writer at Smashing Magazine, Muzli, and UX Collective. Trainer at Projector Design School and Ukrainian Catholic University
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