Product Feature Presentation


It’s almost go time so get ready to inspire and drive home the value of what you've built! Share your latest product update with this Product Feature Presentation template.

Easily customise the colours, fonts, and layouts to best suit your needs. Leaving you more time to focus on fine tuning your value statements, preparing product screenshots, and crafting a story that’ll wow your audience.

Pre-made slide layouts to help you:

  • Create a memorable first impression by setting the stage with a big idea or a “hook”.

  • Present the problem you’re trying to solve

  • Show off the features and dive into what makes them unique

  • Add the feels and make it real by adding a customer quote

  • Let your audience know where they can learn more


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Kristin Leitch
Templates & Miroverse@Miro
Kristin has worked in brand, design, and product marketing. She is passionate about building templates and tools so nobody ever has to start from scratch.
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