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An online version of Liberating structures' What I Need From You. In order to achieve a goal, we need to give requests to different people what we need from them.

In groups or individuals, place sticky notes on the team/team member that you need something from. (There is no need to elaborate the sticky from the requestor). After all stickies have been places, the people receiving the request can move it to Yes/No/I will Try/?

When stickies are placed in the ?, it gives an opportunity for the requester to be more specific in making requests.

This activity provides 2 outcomes. Knowing how to make clear requests to people/teams and knowing which team/people needed to make the goal successful.


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Donna Lee
Agile Coach
I am a trainer, coach, facilitator and mentor that is immensely curious on how people, teams, and systems work. I enjoy working with people to find ways to thrive in their work and how they work.
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