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Event Planning Template

Coordinate all the key elements of your event with confidence and ease.

About the Event Planning template

To help plan your important events, you need an Event Planning Template flexible enough to keep up with changes right up to the last minute. Different teams will be coordinating lots of moving parts at any given time.

Depending on how close you are to the event date, your team can find it helpful to use an event planning template, which offers the freedom to start planning on a macro level. You can get more specific and micro-level as your timeline to the big day shrinks. Consider all your options with your team. Make sure they have all the details they need to do the best job possible alongside you.

Keep reading to learn more about our Event Planning Template.

What is an event planning template?

Whether you’re planning a product launch, fully remote conference, or milestone event, the Event Planning Template will act as a visual checklist and map for all the details you need to consider before the big day. 

By mapping out different sections – from the marketing plan, to the agenda, to snacks and swag for guests – you and your team can focus on the details most important to your functions, and collaborate as needed when overlaps occur. The Event Planning Template is an adaptable way to make sure the creative and strategic vision of your event doesn’t get lost in the details. 

When to use an event planning template

After you’ve brainstormed with your team about your event’s purpose, what you want to achieve with the event, and what planning resources are available to you, it’s time to turn to the Event Planning Template.

Even with large-scale multi-day events for many people, limit your event plan template to one page. This encourages transparency and follow-through for everyone involved. 

The Event Planning Template isn’t just for “before” stages of the event. It can also be used to evaluate the event’s different functions afterward. You can also publish a series of post-event content to keep the conversation alive, even after the real-time event has wrapped up. 

Think with your team about what metrics you’ll use to define success for your event. Perhaps it’s ticket sales, attendance records, feedback from speakers or guests, or a review and evaluation of your event planning and process to figure out what worked and what could use improvement. 

Create your own Event Planning Template

Customizing your own event plan is easy, with Miro’s simple template. Our whiteboard tool is the perfect canvas to create and share with your team. Get started by selecting the Event Planning Template, then take the following steps to make one of your own.

  1. Decide your target date. Use a weekly or monthly calendar to get a sense of when might be the best time to set your event, and how long you’d like it to last.

  2. Figure out your space requirements. If your event is online-only, geography may not be a barrier. But there’s still time zones and capacity to consider. How many people, realistically, would you be able to host at once, in real time?

  3. Plan your marketing and promotions. How will people know about your event? What digital channels or communities will keep them updated about important details? Rely on your marketing and content experts to map out a realistic sequence that keeps people aware and interested, encouraging them to commit to showing up on the day. 

  4. Map out your event schedule. How will everything run on the day? Who’ll act as keynote speakers, workshop facilitators, and other roles? Mock up schedules, point out who’ll be giving speeches, any entertainment planned for break times, and other key details in your agenda and content section. 

  5. Plan for extras, like refreshments, snacks, and event merch. Will you have sponsors mail out custom swag that your speakers and attendees can hold onto? Explore your options here as early as possible, to add to a memorable event experience.

Event Planning Template

Event Planning Template

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Easy to use

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Built-in collaboration

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Seamless sharing

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