Company Vision Board Template

Find the path to innovation and growth with the Company Vision Board Template. Invite everyone to come together and decide on company direction and goals.

About the Company Vision Board Template

Outfly, a design innovation agency, created this template to help teams reset, reevaluate and decide together the company direction and goals. This company vision board template is flexible and can be edited to suit different companies’ and teams’ needs. It’s perfect for bringing teams together and fostering collaboration across your organization.

What’s the Company Vision Board Template?

The Company Vision Board Template contains a framework for you to have a starting point in defining your company goals, direction, and mission. This template helps you facilitate a company vision workshop, where you can define the following:

  • What to expect from a company vision day, and why it’s important.

  • Where are we: the company background story and strengths.

  • Who are we: team’s personality test results and team member's intros.

  • What do we do: company’s USPs, audience, and differentiators.

  • Why do we do it: company vision, mission, and purpose.

  • How will we get there: a roadmap to achieve your company vision.

Benefits of the Company Vision Board Template

The company vision board is a document that should be shared and used across your organization. Running this workshop helps teams to define a more straightforward path and to make better-informed decisions according to the company’s roadmap and vision. It also helps to build buy-in from team members.

Here are some other benefits of crafting the company vision board:

  • Define goals according to company values and vision and connect teams around them.

  • Define strengths and differentiators and what sets the business apart from others.

  • Connect the team and set roles and responsibilities.

  • Set targets and actionable points to reach company goals.

How to use Company Vision Board Template

Add the Company Vision Board Template to your Miro board. You’ll find instructions for every step of the workshop in each frame on the template. Remember this is a collaborative session; make sure that everyone is acclimated to the board (check the first frame of the workshop) and knows how to navigate the workshop.

When facilitating a company vision workshop, keep in mind:

  • Workshop duration: It takes 5-7 hours to run this workshop, so plan ahead.

  • Prep work: send out the personality tests you’ll need in the workshop beforehand, and write the company’s background story and data from the last year.

  • Depending on the size of your company, run the company vision workshop on a team level.

After the workshop, you will know:

  • Where you stand as a company.

  • Who is everyone on the team.

  • Your team’s strengths and backgrounds.

  • What your team really wants.

  • What’s your USP (unique selling point) as a company.

  • What’s your company vision statement.

  • What’s your company mission statement.

  • What’s your company purpose.

  • A game plan for how to achieve this.

Pro tips:

  • Make sure you define some actionable points at the end of the workshop. This will guide the following steps and hold people accountable.

  • If your brand's core values need to change, allow them to. The same goes for strategy, goals, and vision.

  • Schedule a follow-up session, ensure teams are aligned and create a company mission statement that everyone can consult and return to.

Company Vision Board FAQs

What should a company vision board include?

The company vision board should include the answer to these five questions: Where are we? Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it? How will we do it?. These questions are fundamental to make team members understand the reason behind their work and get their buy-in. Involving everyone in the discussion also helps to connect them directly with their goals and align their mission with the company’s mission.

How do you structure a vision workshop?

The company vision workshop has three main acts: the prep work, the intro, when you get people acclimated to Miro tools and functions, and when you explain what you’ll be doing in the workshop and workshop steps, then the workshop itself, crafting step-by-step your company’s vision board.

Company Vision Board Template

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