Ecosystem Mapping Template

Advocate for a customer-centric approach with this Ecosystem Mapping Template. Understand your organization’s ecosystem holistically through customer advocacy.

About the Ecosystem Mapping Template

The Customer Experience Company created this Ecosystem Mapping Template to help everyone advocate for a customer-centric business. This template enables you to see your organization from your customer’s perspective. In addition, the Ecosystem Mapping Template also includes internal players and stakeholders, giving you the full picture of your customer experience in and out of your organization.

What’s the Ecosystem Mapping Template?

The Ecosystem Mapping Template is a great visualization of all players around your customer experience. The ecosystem map consists of three key areas:

  • Internal Players

  • Customers

  • External Players

After you manage to define these three areas, you’ll be able to move forward and categorize these relationships, and finally illustrate clearly the flows inside your organizations, what’s most important, the power dynamics in your ecosystem, and most importantly, where are the opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Benefits of the Ecosystem Mapping Template?

Ecosystem Mapping allows you to understand your organization better, focusing on the customer's point of view. When you can bring everyone a more customer-centric approach to business, you find opportunities for improving your services, products, and processes.

How to use Ecosystem Mapping Template?

Select our ready-made Ecosystem Mapping Template. You’ll find the instructions on how to map your ecosystem inside the template.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. The ecosystem map contains customers and everyone in your organization interacting with your product and services. Everyone deeply influences your product outcome, customer experience, and organization.

  2. Use the questions on the template to help you identify all players.

  3. When you manage to bring a more customer-centric approach to your business, everyone becomes a customer advocate. This is what will bring innovative change and improvements.

Ecosystem Mapping Template FAQs

What is ecosystem mapping in UX?

Even though ecosystem maps are helpful to every professional, UX designers benefit significantly from this tool because it helps them understand customer relationships. Ecosystem mapping in UX means that people can see dependencies inside the organization and the blockers to create a more customer-centric approach to business and design. With these answers, UX designers can optimize services and deliver much better user experiences.

How do you create an ecosystem map?

To create an ecosystem map, follow these steps: brainstorm who are the actors of your map (internal players, external players, and customers). Categorize and create clusters. Then, use those categories to illustrate your customer flows, hierarchies, and dependencies. With everything mapped out, you’ll be able to identify opportunities, and what can be improved so you develop and implement a better customer experience.

Ecosystem Mapping Template

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