V2MOM Salesforce Template

Align goals and strategies across your organization with the Salesforce V2MOM Template. Bring everyone together towards the same goals.

About the V2MOM Template

Salesforce Ignite, an internal Salesforce organization, created the V2MOM Template to guide every decision at Salesforce. The template helps teams define and communicate what they are doing and why, and it can be used across the organization to bring more transparency and alignment.

What’s the V2MOM Template?

The V2MOM Template by Salesforce is a collaborative goal-setting workshop that guides teams when defining strategies and business goals. The template consists of five elements:

  1. Vision: Defines what you want to do or achieve.

  2. Values: Principles and beliefs that help you pursue this vision.

  3. Methods: Actions and steps to take to get the job done.

  4. Obstacles: Anything you have to overcome to achieve this vision.

  5. Measures: Defines what you want to do or achieve.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have your company vision and values defined and this V2MOM template as a living document that will guide teams when building strategies and plans.

Benefits of the V2MOM Template

The V2MOM framework ensures that teams are aligned and moving towards the same goal. This framework brings more coherence to your business goals and strategies. As organizations lose sight of their objectives, the V2MOM serves as a compass for managers and stakeholders to direct teams and craft with employees the company vision.

Salesforce created this V2MOM Template to enable every team inside their organization to bring transparency to their processes, unifying their strategy, so every employee knows the company vision and goals.

How to use the V2MOM Template?

Select the V2MOM Template and add it to your board. You’ll find an introduction in the first frame and what more info on what V2MOM is about. Follow the instructions on the template to run your V2MOM workshop. Here are some tips on how to facilitate this session:

Prep work

If you are facilitating, prepare the activities beforehand. Some frames will require background information. Make sure you add those to the board before starting your session. Add additional context if needed, such as past goals, strategies, and where the company stands.

Introduction to Miro

Present Miro features for those who are not familiar with the board. They are located on the first introduction frame. If people are also unfamiliar with the V2MOM framework, explain what the framework is and what are the key elements you’ll be working on for the day.

Vision & Values

On this frame, you’ll find:

  • Headlines of the future

  • Vision draft

  • Customer Vision Statement

  • Values draft

  • Customer values

Note: if you already have the company vision and value, add it to the board and ask people to share their thoughts. Add their ideas to the Headlines of the future frame.

Methods & Measures

On this frame, you’ll find a brainstorming activity to help determine which steps are needed to achieve goals according to the vision statement. Let ideas flow and brainstorm everything, from tasks to projects and metrics, to show what success looks like.


In this frame, you’ll brainstorm what the red flags are and anything stopping people from achieving success. What are the current challenges inside the organization? How do you address them?

Feedback session

At the end of the workshop, ask for feedback. What worked? What didn’t? This will help you run better V2MOM sessions in the future. With the feedback frame, you’ll also find videos about vision, V2MOM background, and the importance of values. These are extra resources if anyone wants to dig deeper or better understand this framework.

Pro tip:

  • Share the board with everyone afterward, and treat it as a living document. This V2MOM evolves as the company grows, so it’s important to keep it updated.

  • Ensure alignment on how teams will craft their V2MOM boards.


How do you write a V2MOM?

There are many ways you can write your V2MOM. This template teaches you how to run a workshop and collaboratively write your V2MOM with your team. There are key elements that people will focus on: vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures. Each section has an exercise so you and your team can write the key elements of your V2MOM board together.

What are values in V2MOM?

Each organization often defines its own V2MOM values. The values in V2MOM are divided into three categories: corporate, community, and personal. You can define them by answering these questions: What are clear beliefs that will drive our vision? What are common core values helped by team members? What are the new values that will need to be adopted?

V2MOM Salesforce Template

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