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Improve your product planning process with the power of visualization. Miro’s vision board creator makes it easy to map out your ideas, brainstorm, and set concrete product goals all in one shared workspace.

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Collaboration that works

Use Miro’s powerful collaborative features and let your team work on your vision board in real time or async, no matter where they are in the world. Tag people in comments, request feedback, and iterate faster than ever.


From brainstorming to boardroom, Miro has you covered. Switch from creation to presentation mode easily, and get buy-in from your stakeholders with a beautiful, professional-looking vision board.

Explore tool integrations

With Miro, you can easily plug into existing workflows and connect with your favorite tools, from Google Drive to Adobe Creative Suite, enhancing your experience of making a vision board.

Why Miro is the best vision board maker

Make it yours

Bring your ideas to life with Miro’s online vision board maker. Use the many editing tools on the board to craft your product vision effectively, or get a head start choosing from a range of ready-made templates.

Infinite canvas

Miro’s vision board maker gives you unlimited space to visualize your product goals and plan your development process. Explore the many possibilities, you’ll never run out of space.

The one source of truth

Create one central content hub where you show your product vision. Align teams on company goals, and keep your virtual vision board as a reference for project planning and execution.

Share it

Once your digital vision board is ready, share it with just one click. Send your board link across teams, stakeholders, or clients, ensuring everyone stays aligned and informed.

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More than just a vision board creator

Whether you're brainstorming your next big product or visualizing your career growth, transform the way you plan and execute your projects with Miro’s vision board maker.

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How to create a vision board with Miro


Set your goal

Start by identifying what you want to visualize - your product goals, milestones, or overall roadmap.


Gather and create

Add data, upload images, and insert any other artifact that helps you represent your product objectives and strategies.


Customize the vision board

Use text fonts, notes, or colors that resonate with your product story and brand.


Share and execute

Share your vision board with your team and stakeholders to keep everyone in sync and kickstart your product journey.

Vision board maker FAQs

Is Miro's vision board maker user-friendly?

Yes. Miro is designed to be user-friendly, making the process of creating a vision board as simple as a drag-and-drop, no matter your level of experience.

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