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Online graphic organizer maker for visualizing concepts

Create a graphic organizer and transform ideas into visual concepts. Miro’s workspace helps you present your ideas with clarity and move projects forward.

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Quickly visualize ideas with an online graphic organizer

Use Miro’s graphic organizer maker to master visual storytelling. From strategists to business analysts to educators and teachers, get your point across with an online graphic organizer that helps you to connect and bring solutions.

An easy-to-use graphic organizer maker

Create a graphic organizer in minutes with Miro’s infinite canvas. Get inspired by our extensive Templates Library, or browse our Miroverse community to create your graphic organizer.

Collaborate and co-create

Invite everyone to co-create your graphic organizer with you. Tag them in comments, request instant feedback, and implement changes in real time or async. Iteration is much faster with Miro’s graphic organizer maker.

An online graphic organizer to share ideas

Visualize ideas

Once your graphic organizer is ready, it’s easy to visualize ideas and break down information so everyone understands the scope of their work. Improve communication and focus on what matters.

Make great presentations

Keep the momentum going with graphic organizers and easily visualize ideas on the board. Break down concepts, and arrange information in a way that is engaging.

Quickly create a graphic organizer

Miro lets you create a graphic organizer fast, with no design experience needed. Use one of our ready-made templates or make one from scratch using our many editing tools.

Improve decision-making

Circulate your graphic organizer with stakeholders and ensure information isn’t lost. Miro’s graphic organizer creator will always show the most up-to-date version, so everyone is on the same page.

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Visual story mapping gives you an overarching view of how different parts of your project come together.

More than just a graphic organizer

Center collaboration in one visual, shared space. Miro’s graphic organizer maker helps teams to have more clarity and a better understanding of the relationships between different pieces of information, leading to stronger and more effective collaboration.

Concept Map

Use Miro's concept map maker to link key concepts to get a big-picture overview. Come together as a team to brainstorm, ideate, and structure concepts collaboratively.

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Timeline builder

Plan, organize and track work all in one place with a timeline. Communicate timeframes, context, priorities, and deadlines, and create workflows that bring projects to life.

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Venn diagrams

Quickly diagram how your concepts and ideas overlap with Miro. Show information in the simplest way and run better brainstorms, meetings, and presentations.

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Comparison charts

Show the best of your products and services with a comparison chart. Let Miro’s comparison chart maker improve your brand storytelling and transform how customers see you.

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Visualize information with Miro’s T-chart maker. Easily identify patterns and improve decision-making.

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How to create a graphic organizer with Miro


Choose your template

Get started by adding the template you want to have on your board. From concept maps to KWL charts, add the one that suits your needs.


Structure your graphic organizer

Customize the template, adding the information and concepts you find relevant. Use the context menu bar to change fonts, colors, and add labels. Arrange the elements in a hierarchy, a timeline, or any way that suits your needs.


Share ideas with one click

Invite everyone to your board or download your graphic organizer as an image or PDF. Add it to presentations and other Miro boards as you see fit.

Graphic organizer maker FAQs

Use a tool with features that help you design, structure, and share your graphic organizer. Depending on the complexity of the graphic organizer you need to create, you may need more control over the design and component's organization. Many online tools, including Miro, provide easy-to-use templates to create a graphic organizer. Whichever tool you choose, creating a graphic organizer is a great way to visualize your thoughts and ideas.

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