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Connect concepts with a Venn diagram maker

Quickly diagram how your concepts and ideas overlap with Miro’s Venn diagram maker. Show information in the simplest way and run better brainstorms, meetings, and presentations.

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Create a Venn diagram in seconds with Miro

Tap into our diagramming features to bring to life your online Venn diagram. You can kickstart your diagrams with our ready-made templates or build one from scratch directly on the board.

Why Miro is the best tool for diagramming

Get started fast

Become a great storyteller with just a few clicks. Make a Venn diagram using Miro’s diagramming toolkit, or select one of our ready-made templates to get started.

Solve any problem, any time

Bring others to the conversation and collaborate in real time or async. Miro’s Venn diagram creator helps teams to visualize solutions, no matter where they are.

Edit it to your needs

You don’t need to be a designer to make a Venn diagram that stands out. Use Miro’s many editing features to customize your work and make it on brand.

Iterate faster

Invite your team to your board and ask for instant feedback by tagging them or leaving sticky notes. Make changes in real time, and meet your deadlines.

Work in one shared space

Miro’s infinite canvas allows you to create your Venn diagram, edit it and make your presentation on the same board. Easily add your design to the presentation frame, and avoid the hassle of working with many different tools.

Add more insights

Create a content hub, adding more insights, making graphs, and any other artifact that helps you create a Venn diagram. Work freely on the board, and offer teams the space for creative solutions.

Venn Diagram templates

Simplify complex ideas, boost team collaboration, and foster innovative insights with the 2-Circle Venn Diagram Template.

Visually understand the relationships, similarities, and differences between groups.

Miro's 4 Circle Venn Diagram Template has an easy, interactive, and dynamic way to visualize complex relationships.

Visualize relationships between many datasets, and make more informed decisions.

Map out relationships and connections between different ideas, subjects, and elements.

Improve your brainstorms with this unique technique.

How to create a Venn diagram with Miro


Define the scope

Each concept will be represented by one circle. The number of circles on your Venn diagram will change depending on how many concepts you want to present. Draw the circles.


Identify concepts that overlap

Overlap the circles that share similarities, and label the intersection and the circles accordingly.


Make it yours

Edit colors and fonts. Add your Venn Diagram to presentations to visually explain concept relationships.

Integrated with your favorite tools

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Venn Diagram maker FAQS

You can add as many circles as you want to your diagram with Miro’s free Venn Diagram maker. To make a multi-circle Venn Diagram, get started with one of our ready-made templates or draw one from scratch using our shapes tool on the left toolbar.

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