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Solve complex issues and dive deeper into solutions with Miro’s suite of root cause analysis tools. Be better equipped to facilitate conversations to improve strategies in your organization.

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Empower teams

With Miro's root cause analysis tools, everyone can bring their insights into a shared workspace, fostering a sense of unity and understanding. Dig deeper, highlight the root cause of problems in real time or async, and find solutions collaboratively.

Visualize to understand

Illustrate and connect the dots with Miro’s tools for root cause analysis. Sketch, draft, and pin your thoughts to understand how different factors relate to each other.

Templates to increase efficiency

Miro's ready-made templates pave the way to problem-solving. Create a fishbone diagram or use the 5 Whys framework simply by picking a template and letting your ideas flow into an organized structure.

Why Miro is the perfect tool for root cause analyses

Simplify issues

Run a brainstorming session with your team and visualize all possible causes of your problem by breaking them down into more minor issues. Miro helps you to easily co-create an action plan using one of the many root cause analysis tools.

Include everyone

Make sure everyone is heard, allowing you to gain diverse perspectives. Invite the whole crew to join you on your board and work in real time or async, crafting the perfect root cause analysis.

Infinite canvas

Miro's online workspace allows you to map out complex problems and identify the root causes one by one. Enable teams to explore ideas without constraints, fostering creative and critical thinking.

Circulate your board

Share your board link with all relevant stakeholders, or download your root cause analysis as an image or PDF. With just a few clicks, export your work quickly, saving time and effort.

Related templates

Analyze and understand the root of a problem or issue with the 5 Whys Template.

Visualize the potential causes of a problem, to solve it collaboratively using a Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram.

Use the DMAIC process (or Six Sigma Map) to solve problems using a structured approach.

Identify risks so you can optimize and stabilize business processes.

Look back at success and failures in order to improve everyday practices.

Organize and cluster ideas and data in order to effectively develop solutions.

Problem-solving made easy

Explore complex issues, visualize problems, and uncover their root causes through effective collaboration. Miro’s range of root cause analysis tools and templates lets you systematically narrow down potential causes, allowing your team to run a complete analysis effectively.

Fishbone Diagram

Bring your team together around one problem and find all possible root causes with Miro’s fishbone diagram maker. Brainstorm possibilities, analyze the current situation, and gain insights, all in one tool.

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Miro’s all-in-one diagram maker removes the hassle of switching between diagramming and collaboration tools while helping you check off all the essential steps of your diagramming process.

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Process mapping

Map processes, strategies, and everything in between with Miro. Get ideas, develop plans and build concepts everyone understands, creating alignment and bringing agility to teams.

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BPMN diagram

Stay on top of your business processes by mapping them out with an online BPMN diagram. Have a shared understanding of your business’ procedures and increase productivity across the whole organization.

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How to perform a root cause analysis with Miro


Select a ready-made template

From Fishbone diagrams to 5 Whys, choose a template that fits your project.


Add it to the board

Drag and drop the template directly to your board.


Analyze your problem

Start breaking down your issue to better understand the root causes. Use the template to guide you in this process.


Share your findings

Invite others to your board and keep it as a living document, so people can comment, give feedback and uncover more insights!

Root cause analysis tools FAQs

Teams and managers use root cause analysis tools to identify the underlying causes of a problem or issue. There are many different ones that can be used for this purpose, including 5 Whys, Fishbone Diagrams, Fault Tree Analysis, and FMEA. The 5 Whys framework involves asking "why" questions repeatedly to drill down into the root cause of a problem. Fishbone Diagrams are visual tools that help identify all the possible causes of a problem. Fault Tree Analysis is a method of identifying the causes of a specific event or failure. FMEA is a systematic approach to identifying and preventing potential failures in a system or process. Understanding and using these tools improves problem-solving and helps prevent future issues.

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