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Find solutions with a fishbone diagram maker

Bring your team together around one problem and find all possible root causes with Miro’s fishbone diagram maker. Brainstorm possibilities, analyze the current situation, and gain insights, all in one tool.

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Quickly create a fishbone diagram with Miro

Miro’s fishbone diagram maker helps you quickly discover the root causes of the problem you’re trying to solve. Collaborate with your team on this journey and get the most out of your fishbone diagram, anticipating consequences with effective analysis.

Why Miro is the best diagram maker

Reduce complexity

Run a brainstorming session with your team and use the fishbone diagram maker to help you visualize all possibilities on the board. Break down your problem by identifying its main triggers, add the root causes to your diagram, and easily co-create an action plan.

Include all voices

Miro’s fishbone diagram creator helps you to make sure everyone is heard, allowing you to gain diverse perspectives. Invite the whole crew to work with you on your board and brainstorm in real time or async, crafting the perfect problem analysis.

Bring alignment

Get everyone rowing in the same direction by visually organizing all assumptions with the fishbone diagram creator. Ask your team to vote on the most pressing issues and narrow down your options using the voting feature.

Explore powerful integrations

Make your workflow seamless with your favorite tech stack. After you create your fishbone diagram, turn your outcomes into action, converting sticky notes into Jira tickets directly on your board.

Circulate your diagram

Share your board link with stakeholders or download your fishbone diagram as an image or PDF. With just a few clicks, the fishbone diagram maker allows you to export your work easily, saving time and effort.

A visual workspace for innovation

Use the fishbone diagram maker together with other tools to find solutions. Explore the infinite canvas adding other templates and artifacts, and enable your team to identify your problem’s root causes better and faster.

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How to create a fishbone diagram


Define the problem statement

Add it to the head of your fishbone diagram, making sure it explains the what and the how of your issue.


Brainstorm the root causes

Use sticky notes to add as many root causes as possible to your fishbone diagram. You can brainstorm or apply the 6Ms of Production to run your analysis at this stage.


Turn outcomes into next steps

Vote on the most pressing issues and turn them into actionable points, so you have a clear path after crafting your fishbone diagram.

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Fishbone diagram maker FAQs

First, choose a fishbone diagram maker that suits your needs. Miro’s extensive diagramming capabilities help you brainstorm, diagram, and plan the next steps in one tool. Define the problem you want to tackle and add it to your fishbone diagram head. Afterward, brainstorm possible root causes and add them to the board with sticky notes. See the connections and vote anonymously on the most pressing issues. Take notes and agree on the next steps as a group.

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